Always, Katie: IVF in Barbados

IVF in Barbados

In March 2014, after much frustration and many tears over the lack of care from our current fertility specialist, my husband and I decided that our first IVF cycle would take place at Barbados Fertility Centre.  Here are all of the posts I wrote leading up to, during, and after that cycle.  I also kept it updated through our (successful!) FET cycle as well.  If you're wondering if BFC could be the right choice for you, read along, and feel free to email me any questions you have! And please see the announcement at the bottom of the page :-)

Making the Decision

Musing about Scrapbooking/Baby Books

Phone Consult with Dr. Skinner

In Which I Wax Poetic about Sea Glass

Saving Money on IVF Drugs

Traveling to Barbados

First Appointments at BFC

Second Appointments, Follicle Check

Finalized Schedule

Egg Retrieval and OHSS

Final Thoughts on Cycle 1


First FET Update: Lupron and Birth Control

Baseline and Monitoring Ultrasounds

Fertilization Report

Embryo Transfer Day

How We Chose to Handle Announcing When Everyone Knew We Were Trying


Comparing the Two Hotels We Used

A Letter to Anxious Parents of Potential Patients


We will be returning to Barbados in June 2018 to introduce Abbie and Sam to the clinic staff who helped us conceive them, and to write more blog posts! I'll be talking about logistics (packing, etc), the clinic, hotels, restaurants, and places to go and things to see! New posts will show up here.

Packing a Toddler Carry-On

Make a Difference Opportunity - Pack for a Purpose

Getting Around the Island

Making Memories in Barbados (Couple/Family Photo Shoot)

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