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Saturday, July 5, 2014

BarBABYdos: Day 4: Finalized Schedule

I had my last ultrasound yesterday morning.  All of my follicles are growing right along, and enough of them are big enough that we went ahead and scheduled my last round of meds and my egg retrieval.

Retrieval is Monday, at 9:30 in the morning (please be praying!).  Last night, Ethan gave me my last intramuscular injection (of ELEVEN!  Can we take a moment and give him a round of applause?  He is a champ!) of hMG and FSH, and I gave myself my last shot of Cetrotide.  Tonight, I am to give myself Ovidrel (hCG – “finishes” the ripening eggs) at precisely 9:30 pm, and start taking Bromocriptine orally as well.  I’m super-excited for tonight, because the Ovidrel should be my last shots… hopefully ever, considering how many follicles I have this time.  I’d love to come back to Barbados Fertility Centre for an FET (or a few), get as many kids as these eggs will get us, and never have to stim again.  Stimming stinks!

Yesterday and today, I have been exhausted and achy.  Today, I’ve been nauseated off and on, but I’m not sure all of this is entirely IVF-related.  Travel can be rough on a body, and I’d say we’ve had enough going on to justify a good bit of fatigue ;-)  Our exciting vacation-y plan for the rest of the day is to keep doing what we’ve done all day – nothing.  Tomorrow, we want to go back to the grocery store so we have enough stuff stocked to get us through retrieval recovery, and we need to do laundry.  The hazard of traveling for long periods of time – at some point, you have to do boring grown-up stuff! 

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