Always, Katie: May 2018

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Pack for a Purpose (Bougainvillea Barbados)

(This post is in no way sponsored - it's just something that touched my heart and I wanted to share!)

One of the resorts that we will be staying at in Barbados in June is Bougainvillea. While I was reading up on the property, I found this information about an organization they are affiliated with, Pack for a Purpose

I have been our church's coordinator for Operation Christmas Child for the past few years, and this initiative reminds me of that outreach. They ask visitors to the island to save some room in their luggage for school supplies for economically or physically disadvantaged students, and provide a list of most-needed items. 

Barbados is the most developed country in the Caribbean, but there is still significant poverty. We experienced first-hand how expensive imported goods can be on the island, and nearly everything has to be imported. So school supplies that we take for granted here are much-needed in Barbados. 

Ethan and I will be packing some things to take with us to donate at Bougainvillea, and wanted to offer to deliver items for my readers, too. 

Local friends and family can drop supplies off at our house (or church or wherever else you see us). Far-flung friends and family, if you want to bargain shop locally, can email me for our shipping address. I've also made an Amazon wishlist with some of the most-needed supplies that can be shipped straight to us if purchased from the list. For those shopping in person, so many of these items can be found inexpensively at dollar stores or Walmart! 

I need to have items in-hand by June 1, 2018 so that we can get it all packed up. Anything that arrives to us later than that - or that we can't squeeze into our luggage - will be packed into Operation Christmas Child boxes at my church this winter. 

I love that Bougainvillea is involved in this organization, and I'm excited about this opportunity to give back a little bit to the island that has given so much to us! 

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