Always, Katie: BarBABYdos: Day 0: Getting There

Monday, June 30, 2014

BarBABYdos: Day 0: Getting There

Today.  Was.  Long.


We got up at 2 this morning.  My in-laws picked us up to drive us to the airport, where we had to say goodbye to our spoiled, much-loved Charley.  TSA.  Airport.  Airplanes... cramped, with stale air.  Borderline claustrophobia.  LONG lines at immigration.  Hot.  Sticky. Ugh,

But...  today was also filled with moments where we looked at each other and said, "Wow... it's today.  Today is here."  Like when we were on our way down the interstate, while we were checking in and waiting for our first flight.  When my "Countdown" app confirmed that our flight was, in fact, leaving. ;-) As our second flight was coming in for a landing.  Seeing the taxi driver holding a sign with my name on it.  

It's been surreal, and kind of magical (sorry - I'm in a cheesy mood) to consider every step and every obstacle in relation to that one big obstacle of our marriage: our infertility journey. 

The next time we are flying over islands and such between Miami and Barbados, there will be a couple of embryos nestling into my uterine lining (we pray!).  The next time I see my Charley, I'll be carrying his sibling(s).  The next time we go to "our" grocery store, I may have cravings and food aversions with which to contend.  Only a few more ginormous injections in my rump until those eggs are sucked out of me and FINALLY united with Ethan's spermies.  Finally.  


We're here.  We're ready.  We're hopeful.  Finally.

My first ultrasound to check follicle progress is in the morning... followed by a couple's massage!  WooHoo!
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