Always, Katie: January 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shop Talk: Fanciful Earrings and New Pantone

I have just listed 3 new pairs of earrings (grey, citrine and red heart) in my etsy shop - any of which would be wonderful, fairly inexpensive Valentine gifts!   

I also moved my Hip to Be Square bracelets to the "Sale" section of my shop, and marked them down 50%, making them $11 each.  The colors on these bracelets are matches to Pantone's colors for this past fall and winter, but they are still perfectly lovely and current.  The Rose Smoke one, especially, looks like Valentine's Day to me!

Finally, I downloaded Pantone's color report for Spring (and summer) 2013, and matched Swarovski crystals to each color.  Here is my match-up, to give you an idea of what colors to expect to see cropping up in my shop, and in the rest of the fashion industry in the next few months!

I'm excited about this batch of colors!  I like that they're bright and fresh, without being too glaring.  The slight gray hint in a lot of them keeps them just a little bit softer and I think easier to incorporate into a "real life" wardrobe.  Emerald is the color of the year, so we can expect to see it everywhere through fall and winter - not just spring and summer.  The dusk blue and grayed jade are my favorites right now, and have me especially excited to get my stash of current Swarovski ordered! 


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