Always, Katie: March 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Town, New Adventure

At 10am tomorrow, I am filling out hiring paperwork for my new job!  I am super-duper stinkin' excited about it, and even if it isn't totally official and written in stone (or at least copy paper), I'm BURSTING at the seams to tell y'all! 

While on spring break (in tropical Ohio - don't laugh), I completed the online training to be a Bead Corner Design Academy Certified Beading Instructor!  I will be teaching jewelry-making classes at the Michael's here in Anderson... as in, .9 miles from our apartment.  That's a commute I can handle!  Part of my job will be to generate interest and enthusiasm for the classes I'll be teaching, and I think this will be the easiest part, since I am so SUPER enthused myself :-)  I can't wait to meet other crafters and to share my passion with them!


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