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Monday, March 31, 2014

BarBABYdos: Scrapbooking IVF

I am planning on making our own baby book with scrapbook supplies.  One of the major reasons (*salute* "Maj. Reasons"... yay pop culture!) for this is so I can customize it to our child and our family... and maybe avoid some of those empty pages!  :-)

Also, not a lot of baby books come with "Conceiving Baby" sections (for obvious reasons, I guess), and I feel like that is going to be a HUGE part of our baby's story, and one that we want him or her to know.  Several months ago, I pinned an item on etsy that was a baby book/pregnancy book for "alternative" families, including those using fertility treatments and/or adoption to build their families.  It was neat, it was customizable, and I wanted it... but that seller has totally disappeared from etsy.  And the whole rest of the internet.  Dagnabbit.  So, back to making my own, which is shaping up to be a funny hybrid of vacation scrapbook and diary of medical procedures :-) 

So, help me out here, wise IVF veterans... what are some things I need to plan on photographing/journaling?  What are the things about this process that we will truly want to remember and want our children to know?  So far, I can think of:
  • Pictures of us the clinic staff
  • Snapshots of ultrasound screens during monitoring/whenever else one of us can reach our iPhone camera ;-)
  • Microscope picture of embryo/s pre-transfer, if possible
  • Pictures of meds - unused shipment, injecting myself/Ethan injecting me, full sharps container, any gnarly bruises ;-)
  • Maybe some pics of the rooms we do our massage/acupuncture/etc in?
  • Obviously, vacation stuff like pics in the airports, flight info, save our boarding passes... hotel, beach, any outings we feel up to taking...
  • Daily journaling (blogging should help with that!)
Am I forgetting anything?  Where we haven't been through a cycle yet, I'm paranoid that I'm not going to think to photograph/journal/save something that I'll regret down the road!
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PS:  Our phone consult with Dr. Skinner is tomorrow morning!  Please pray it goes as well as we expect it will :-)  

PPS:  My glass class was this afternoon, and I am SO HOOKED!!  I made three beads, but I can't pick them up for a week... but here's a picture of me, a bead in progress, and a 3000 degree flame :-)

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