Always, Katie: #BlogtemberChallenge: Guilty Pleasures

Sunday, September 20, 2015

#BlogtemberChallenge: Guilty Pleasures

"It's guilty pleasure time! Shows, books, songs, foods, whatever it may be."
This is a tough one for me, because I don't really have a lot of guilty pleasures.  I used to, but not so much anymore. Don't get me wrong... I still enjoy those things, I just don't feel guilty about them now ;-)

But let's see... some of the most "embarrassing" or "naughty" things I like in the following categories...

TV:  Teen-angsty stuff... like "Awkward" on MTV. 

Movies:  Mmm... super-girly stuff like "Legally Blonde," "Mamma Mia," "Miss Congeniality."

Books:  Phillippa Gregory books and other books set in that general era :-)  Also, books by Lori Wick, especially "The Princess."  They're easy reads, don't require a lot of thought, but are a pleasant way to wile away a couple of quiet hours.

Music:  My biggest guilty pleasure song is "Paparazzi."  I heard it on a dog show commercial a few years ago, and I was all "This song is really fun, do you know who sings it?"  When Ethan told me it was Lady Gaga, I was kinda horrified.  It's in my iTunes under "That One Girl" because I couldn't bring myself to admit to liking a Lady Gaga song. ;-)   Nevertheless... it's catchy!

Food:  The standard... ice cream, warm chocolate chip cookies.  Also, chewy/sour/fruity candy :-) 

How about you?  What things are you ALMOST embarrassed to love?
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