Always, Katie: Funding IVF: Fundraiser and IVF Update

Monday, March 10, 2014

Funding IVF: Fundraiser and IVF Update

Sorry this post is so late :-)  Life really got away from me last week!  

Our online silent auction raised $85 for our IVF fund!  We're pretty thrilled.  It may not seem like a huge amount in the face of the astronomical bills we'll be facing, but, seriously, ANY help is greatly appreciated :-)  Our friend Bethany ran a Pampered Chef fundraiser show for us online last week, and she is donating her commission from the party to our IVF fund, which is about $40.  That combined with the $85 from our auction should cover my hCG trigger shot before our retrieval!  So yay!  Every little bit TRULY does help!

Our YouCaring fundraiser is going to run until our first big payment is due, which will be the day of my baseline ultrasound.  Hopefully, my RE's office will be calling with that date (and the rest of our specific calendar, as close as can be predicted ahead of time) later today or tomorrow.  We're on pins and needles!  Pun not intended, but also not regretted ;-) 

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