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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Personal Mission Statement

Ethan and I are participating in a newcomer's class at the church we have been attending for several months.  This week, we did a little quiz to learn what spiritual gifts we have been given... which was really exciting for me, since I hadn't the foggiest notion what mine might be!  It turns out, my top three (in a three-way tie!) are: Craftsmanship, Hospitality and Mercy.  Now--to figure out how to use them as God intended :-)

We also had a little worksheet to write our own personal mission statement, which kinda made me tear up when I finished it.  Basically, it was a "pick three from this list that most resonate with you, pick two from here, and one from here..." kinda thing, then we plugged the words we chose into a form.  Voila, instant mission statement.  

Here it is:
My mission is to embrace, nurture and restore women and teens using my spiritual gifts of craftsmanship, hospitality and mercy and surrounding it with my core values of safety and hope.
Kinda cool, yeah?  If any of you are interested in doing either of these exercises, shoot me an email and I will  scan them in and send them to you! They have both provoked a lot of thought in me this week... I kinda feel like I'm at that point in my life when I need to be thinking this sort of thing through.  It is nice to have a mission statement that I think fits me so well, and that I can use as a focus for my service in and outside of the church.  Excited!!  :-)



  1. Oooooo! I'd be interested! I'm having difficulties sending you an email right now, though. I'll keep trying, but my email is if you beat me to it. ;)

  2. Beth, I'll send it as soon as I can... I've never gotten along well with scanners, though, so expect in the next day or two, lol. :-)

    I wanna steal your Proverbs 31 thing, btw... Hope that's not creepy/you don't mind!!

  3. Just saw this and wondering if you can send this to me as well? (


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