Always, Katie: More Little--and Not So Little--Joys

Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Little--and Not So Little--Joys

Ahhh... have I mentioned that I am the happiest, luckiest girl in the world? 

I showed you my pajama pants a few days ago... just because they make me happy.  Over the past week or so, lots and lots of fun things are giving me a little bit of a spring in my step, and a perpetual smile.  :-)  You're going to need to get used to seeing this sign-- :-) 

First, and biggest:  I am on a new medicine cocktail.  And it's working.  A lot of the physical and emotional pain that has kept me from enjoying life to the fullest is just gone.  It. is. wonderful. :-)  But, that's another post.

Second: My husband planned a fun little getaway for us next weekend--Memorial Day weekend.  We're only traveling about 2.5 hours away from home, but it will be a wonderful change of scenery.  And, even better, Charley gets to come with us.  All of us were traumatized by his kennel stay when we went to Las Vegas last year, so we can't bear to leave him behind again, where he may or may not be taken care of.  (PS: If you'd like to know what kennel to NOT use, email me!) And, it will maybe, hopefully, include a couple's massage!  Sooo... I've been giddy at the prospect of a little escape with my two sweet redheads :-) Details and some pics when we get home!!

Third: I got to have some fun with my amazing mother-in-law tonight... we whipped up a photo collage poster for my husband's cousin's graduation party.  I love spending time with her, laughing and listening to stories about my angel when he was a munchkin. Here we are with the fruits of our labor:

For the past week, I have been obsessively controlling my blood sugars.  This has always stressed me out and overwhelmed me, but it is going really well.  I think the new medicine must be helping me out with that, too :-)  Check out this CGM graph.  (My CGM-continuous glucose monitor--is a 24/7 sensor under my skin that broadcasts to an external receiver... which shows what my blood sugar is at any given time, as well as a history up to 24 hours and the direction in which it is heading.)  Having some semblance of control of this incredibly crucial part of my life feels wonderful and is so good for my self-esteem not to mention a BIG step toward making my body safe for a baby.  :-)  See, 24 hours under 200 mg/dL! (Good is 70-120) So excited!

Ooh!  And--I love these shoes!  I'm so not a shoe person, but I looooove these.  They go with, literally, EVERYTHING.  We didn't buy them the first time we saw them at Kohl's, because I wanted to wait until we could use our 30% off coupon on them... then we couldn't find them online.  Or in the store... or in the other store... or the third store... we finally found a pair in the color I wanted, in a size that fits my small foot (and has already stretched to fit my larger foot) at the FOURTH Kohl's store.  I have the best, most patient husband in the world.  :-)  These just make me smile. Idk why, maybe it's the flower, the versatility, or the fact that they are a symbol of just how willing my husband is to go to the ends of the earth to make me happy :-) 

Also: My toenails are blue.  On purpose.  :-)  Even better: OPI "Yodel Me on My Cell" for 50% off at Kroger!!

So... from the ginormous gifts of love and happiness, to the little things like blue toenails... I am an incredibly blessed girl.  I'm so thankful, and am enjoying feeling all of the elation without the wet blanket of depression dampening my joy. :-)

Share the joy... what are y'all blissing out about lately?


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