Always, Katie: BarBABYdos: Day 3: Follicle Check

Thursday, July 3, 2014

BarBABYdos: Day 3: Follicle Check

I had another ultrasound at Barbados Fertility Centre this morning, checking on my follicles again.  They’re growing, but they’re not done yet.  We’re supposed to do the same injections tonight that we did last night – my FSH and HMG, followed by Cetrotide a little bit later – then go back to the clinic for another ultrasound in the morning.  Anna is expecting that we will do egg retrieval on Monday, but there’s still an outside chance that it could be Sunday.  We’ll know tomorrow!

After my ultrasound today, Ethan had an Indian head and neck massage, which he gave rave reviews!  He sometimes gets those muscular contraction headaches, and the therapist was able to identify some knotted muscles and he thinks she was able to improve them a lot.  Hopefully, that will give him some long-term relief from those headaches!   I had a full acupuncture treatment this time, which was less dramatic than my last one was, but still very nice.  It seemed to have a longer-lasting effect of relaxation this time – my ovaries are still uncomfortable, but I was able to mentally deal with it and enjoy our day pretty well, and I think that has at least something to do with the acupuncture.  The absolutely stunning views and the soothing, rhythmic sound of the waves probably hasn’t hurt, either :-)  

We visited Accra Beach this afternoon.  It’s not far from here, but we took a cab anyway, for the sake of my ovaries and so we could have a little more time to relax there.  Neither of us are BIG beach or water people, but we did really enjoy basking a little, digging our toes into the super-soft sand, and playing around the edges of the water for a while.  We planned to head up to the boardwalk-ish area and shop some of the little vendors’ stalls when we were done and before our taxi driver came back for us, but when we walked back up, the stalls were closed.  So we hoofed it across the street and enjoyed dinner at Chefette, Barbados’s local fast food restaurant.  I have been trying really hard to follow Anna’s suggestion that I avoid refined sugar to prevent the OHSS from getting too painful, but I misbehaved just a little and ate my bun AND an ice cream cone.  Delicious!!  

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  1. Love these daily updates!! Thank you so much for continuing to keep us updated!! Praying for y'all everyday!! SO SORRY to hear that you are uncomfortable but am thankful that you felt the acupuncture helped some!! AND so thrilled to hear that the massage seemed to help Ethan!! Praying for y'all and for baby "H" :) Sending big hugs! Can't wait to hear how tomorrow goes!!
    :) Rebecca


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