Always, Katie: Puppy Birthday Pictures and Some Yummy Doggy Snacks

Monday, June 17, 2013

Puppy Birthday Pictures and Some Yummy Doggy Snacks

Our little emperor (he's named after Charlemagne) turned 4 on June 11th, and he spent a quiet and cozy day with most of his favorite people at his grandmom and grandpop's house.  :-) 

His grandpop picked out a birthday gift for him, and I made him some special treats.  We all got a kick out of watching him "open" his gifts after supper.  While he obviously didn't understand WHY he was the center of attention, I'm pretty sure he thought all was finally right with the world when all eyes were on him!  And that makes my little fur-momma heart happy!

I found this recipe for Sweet Potato Dog Chews on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and immediately decided that they would be a perfect birthday gift.  Charley is a really strong chewer, and LOVES rawhide.  But he ended up chewing them way too fast, and ingesting way too much for such a tiny system.  And it got kinda gross.  But I figured these might be easier for him to digest and hopefully he won't get all clogged and sick. I really hope this turns out to be a good thing for him to chew on without the side effects from rawhide.

I made the recipe pretty much as the recipe is written.  I think the blog post is really good and easy-to-follow, and in the end, there is a lot of room for variation in these.  Also, I made two sweet potatoes worth of chews, which cost me a grand total of... $1.42.  Not too shabby!

Now, on to the adorableness...

Grandpop offering a gift bag to the birthday boy...
He's kinda scared of tissue paper.
Opening the package... since he has opposable thumbs and Charley doesn't.
It's open and Charley cannot WAIT!
AWFULLY excited about his new bone!
He loves it... just look at that adoring gaze..
Dehydrated Sweet Potato Chew
He devoured it very soon after this :-)
So, bottom lines: our dog is awesome and cute, and this recipe is easy and seems to be a hit with the canine people. :-) 


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