Always, Katie: Coffee and Conversation #13: Why "Always, Katie"?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Coffee and Conversation #13: Why "Always, Katie"?

I am joining a link-up today called "Coffee and Conversation." All of the bloggers who want to join the conversation are given a prompt - a prompt that requires some thought and sometimes some soul-baring. I love that they're not all fluffy, but that we can actually learn some really cool things about our BlogLand neighbors. This week's prompt is:

What's the meaning behind your blog title and why? Do you believe you have upheld the meaning's purpose?

I mention the meaning of “Always, Katie” in the introduction section of my Etsy shop (which is closed for the summer due to travel), but I don’t believe I’ve ever really explained the name here.

For several years, I have signed all of my written correspondence “Always, Katie,” “Love always, Katie” or simply “Always.” They started out as almost instinctive, but when I really thought about why that is my go-to sign-off, it seemed that to me, these phrases express the constancy I strive for in my close relationships… that I will always love, support, warmly regard, pray for, walk with, think of, and/or stand beside my friends, family and others in my circle. 

A fairly good-sized sample of people I love!
I decided to name my jewelry business after my favorite sign-off, because my favorite part of the business is all of the different kinds of communication that are involved.

  • I communicate with my friends, family, customers, and potential customers through this blog.
  • I communicate with my customers to create custom pieces or help them pick out ready-made-pieces.
  • Art is a form of communication in itself. While I usually involve my customer in the creative process, the finished piece still communicates something of me as the artist.
  • Often, my customers gift the jewelry they buy from me to someone they love – which is another form of communication. They are communicating their thanks, love, well-wishes, or other feelings.
  • Whoever is the final owner of jewelry I make uses it to communicate with the world. They may communicate their love of certain colors, their pride in their family, their stylishness, or even their devotion or connection to certain causes, sports or teams.
Domestic Violence Awareness
    And much like the written communication I have with my friends and family, I want to convey to my customers and potential customers that I care about them as more than customers, and that I am available to them for jewelry and non-jewelry related needs. I like building relationships with my customers, and have made real and lasting friends because of my jewelry and my blog. 

    Made for a repeat-customer-turned-friend's wedding!
    It’s no great secret to my long-time followers that my blogging in this space has been sporadic and gone through some evolutions. But I feel that I have still upheld the purpose of the meaning and goals of this blog, as the changes reflect my own changes and struggles. It’s a little bit cringe-inducing to look back on my early days of blogging, and I have considered deleting all posts before some (still undetermined) point, but the learning curve and growing pains are part of my blogging and business story and are reflective of my personal story. So for now, the awkward beginning posts can stay ;-) 

    Made for a friend to give her sister (another friend)!
    I am currently trying to reach out and make connections and friends in the blogging community, as my needs right now are more for a sense of belonging than for jewelry customers. (Not that I wouldn’t take custom work, of course, haha!) I hope that when I am ready to reopen and rededicate myself to my shop, I will have some traffic. But even if “Always, Katie” the brand is never very successful, I hope that I will have developed a group of friends in BlogLand with whom I can laugh, mourn, celebrate, strive, pray, and encourage each other. Always.



    1. I'm super glad we ended up meeting IRL!

    2. Me too! You may've been the inspiration for a line or two :-) I'm really thankful for your friendship!


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