Always, Katie: The Truth About Working Dads (+ a JORD Watch Giveaway)

Friday, March 31, 2017

The Truth About Working Dads (+ a JORD Watch Giveaway)

[This post is sponsored by JORD, and I was gifted a beautiful wood watch for my husband as compensation. All opinions and content are my own.]

Being a stay-at-home-mom is hard.

So is being a working mom.

Psychological research and countless blogs back this up, everywhere you look on social media. But do you know what other group has a tough job and I don't think gets acknowledged enough?


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My husband, my kids' wonderful Daddy, may have the toughest job in our family. There are so many demands on his time.

He is our breadwinner. He gets up out of a warm bed every morning and goes off to a job where he sometimes feels overworked and undervalued, while his wife snuggles in for a little bit more sleep before the kids get up. 

He comes home tired in the evening, and his paying job rarely ends at the end of a business day. He often needs to be accessible to his teachers in the evenings, and answers emails or troubleshoots issues at odd hours, too. 

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When he's home, he's hands-on with our twins. He knows I'm tired from a full day of toddler-wrangling, and he loves playing and bonding with his kids. 

He does household chores, despite housekeeping being *mostly* my realm as a stay-at-home-mom... laundry, dishes, whatever needs done.

I am a big-picture, creative person, but if I were in charge of our book-keeping and bill paying, we'd be homeless real quick, so he spends precious hours out of our evenings and weekends making sure that all of our finances are in order. 

We both consider what I do with the kids all day to be my full-time job. But if keeping tiny humans safe and happy and healthy is "work" for me that doesn't end at 4pm, it's also work for him that he gladly picks up as soon as he walks through our door. I don't truly get "time off," but neither does he.

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When I think of all the ways my sweet husband spends his time, and how deliberately he chooses to spend that time in service to our family, I am so grateful to have married a true partner. 

I'm glad there's an online "push" to acknowledge and validate the work that moms do - whether they stay at home, work outside the home, or work from home - but let's not forget to give three cheers to our partners! Remember to let them know you appreciate the work THEY do, the time THEY give, too! 

If you'd like to spoil your husband a little bit and give him a beautiful accessory to thank him for the *time* he spends serving your family, you should definitely enter to win a $100 store credit to JORD, the maker of the gorgeous wood watch Ethan is wearing in the pictures in this post :-) (For context, this is the equivalent of between 25% and 72% off, depending on the watch you choose. Ethan's is the Conway in Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood.) The best part!? Even if you don't win the $100 - you still get $25 off! Gotta love a giveaway with a guaranteed consolation prize!

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