Always, Katie: Baby, Baby: 21 Week Bumpdate

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Baby, Baby: 21 Week Bumpdate

The Kidlets


How far along?
21 weeks today!

One girl, one boy...

How big are they?
Each baby should weigh about 3/4 of a pound, and measure about 10.5 inches long from head to heel... about the length of a carrot, a banana (slightly bigger than last week's banana, haha!), a pomegranate (again?)... or a baby bok choy... whatever that is... ;-)

Changing Momma
I feel like this one pretty well captures how tired I've been... and I was actually feeling decent when it was taken! ;-)

Have you started to show yet?
Oh yeah. And I'm pretty sure most of this week's growth happened between yesterday and today.  Yesterday I was thinking how I hadn't really grown much... today, I noticed a difference :-) 

Weight gain?
I guess I'll find out Tuesday :-)

Maternity Clothes?
Exclusively :-)

Stretch Marks?
Possibly?  I can't quite tell if they're stretch marks or remnants of skin irritation from my insulin pump sites and CGM sensors... 

Belly Button In or Out?
Still in and shallow for now, but I had a pretty wild dream about it popping out last night, haha!!! 

Momma's Feeling

I had to lay down at my in-laws' last night after my back started throwing a fit.  Charley and their pup Dixie were very attentive!  Charley was laying on my ribs/hip, with one paw on my bump, while Dixie snuggled as close to it as she could :-)

Chocolate.  Really hadn't featured much in my pregnancy cravings so far, but it's about all I've thought about this week, food-wise :-)

Anything making you queasy or sick?
Not really!

Happy or Moody Most of the Time?
Does a little anxious count as moody?  Not necessarily about the babies/pregnancy, just generally a little unsettled and restless.

Some, but not as much as I'd like.  Still earlyish though... they're probably moving lots that I can't feel.

Really not bad!  

What I Miss:
I had a couple of pretty nice lukewarm baths this week, so I may be getting accustomed to them.  A nice hot one still sounds wonderful though :-)  

Other Symptoms:
In all honesty, this has been the hardest week, physically, of my pregnancy so far.  I'm hurting a lot, just from stretching and carrying so much extra weight so quickly.  By the end of each day - which is getting earlier and earlier - my back hurts, my belly feels HUGE and stretchy, my legs and feet are tired and I'm very ready for bed by about 9pm.  I've ordered a "prenatal cradle," and it's past due to arrive... I'm hoping it helps buy me a few more weeks of feeling good.  But, if a twin mom measures and feels about 6-8 weeks further along than she is, I should be feeling like a singleton mom feels at the start of her third trimester.  I.E... uncomfortable.

Highlights and Coming Soon

Best Moment of the Week
We got a new rocker/recliner for the nursery (we wanted two so we can each rock a baby at the same time)... and got an amazing deal on it :-)  I put a whole jumbo case of newborn diapers into the top drawer of the dresser... didn't even take up a third of the space.  They're so tiny and precious, and I can't believe we're going to have two people tiny enough to wear them!  (And that those 128 diapers will probably not quite last us a week!)  Every little thing we finish in there is so exciting... :-)
Looking Forward To:
Ultrasound on TUESDAY!!!  I miss seeing our babies!  Can't wait to check in and make sure everything is okay... and just watch them play a little :-)
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  1. Oh, boy! It sure does take a toll on you physically. I found this band to be helpful for some extra support because twins take it out of you! The velcro doesn't hold up all that well, but I only figured I needed it for a few months. It was helpful though to alleviate some aches and pains. Keep up the good momma work of growing those babies! Maren


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