Always, Katie: Three Big Prayer Requests

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Three Big Prayer Requests

  1. My sweet friend Rebecca, over at Caravan Sonnet, is in need of prayers.  She’s an amazing woman going through some brutal health struggles, and I know she would appreciate being lifted up right now.  She’s been a great prayer warrior for a lot of my needs, despite being so much sicker herself… she has the most generous heart!  Please, keep her in your prayers, and maybe even stop by her blog, get to know her and leave some love.  Make her smile :-)
  2. I went to the doctor earlier this week and got some blood work drawn.  I had a cyst rupture this weekend, but the resulting cramps haven’t resolved like they should have by now.  I am also extremely fatigued – I was lying in bed at 10:30 the other day, thinking, “13 or 14 hours until I can go back to bed.  Hopefully I can nap sometime in there, too” – before I’d even gotten out of bed in the first place!  And… maybe most disturbingly… I’m losing my hair.  And not in the cyclical, sometimes it falls out more than other times, give it a couple weeks kind of way.  I freaked a professional hairstylist out three weeks ago with how much came out in her hands when she washed my hair, and it is only getting worse.  My ponytails are about half the thickness that they used to be, and I could see scalp when my wet hair was combed straight last night (which is new).  The dryer lint trap is catching almost as much hair as lint.  Besides just being a typically-mildly-vain twenty-something and not wanting to lose my hair, I am scared about what kind of problems this could be a symptom of… I’ve done a pretty good job of not Googling it, but the doctor is checking my thyroid and adrenal glands.  Please pray that it is something simple-to-fix and reversible.
  3. Ethan is in the running for a new job!  He interviewed for it this past Monday with 11 other applicants, then had a call-back interview on Wednesday with 3 other applicants.  Then Wednesday night, they asked him to fill out an online questionnaire to determine if his personality is a good fit for the job.  And on Thursday, we found out from one of his references that he is in the final two!!  Then yesterday, we learned that they are moving some people around internally and may wind up with two positions instead of just the one.  We are really excited and encouraged, so please pray that this works out for us!  It just feels so close we can taste it!! 
Thank you for praying for these requests with us!  We're all feeling the strain, and really craving some good news and the chance to recuperate from some of this stress.

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