Always, Katie: Review: Kuhn Rikon Colori Paring Knives

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review: Kuhn Rikon Colori Paring Knives

I just wanted to write a quick review today of a product I am loving!  

We bought a cheap-cheap-cheap set of Walmart paring knives, and they... work.  But as much as I cook and bake, I wanted something a little sharper and sturdier.  When one of the girls at Our Best Bites mentioned that they used Colori Paring Knives by Kuhn Rikon, I looked them up.  They're definitely a bit pricier than Walmart knives, but they have been wonderful so far!  I can literally peel a potato so closely that the peel is transparent.  Seriously.  Awesome.  I got mine on Amazon - they're around the same price as on their website, and Super Saver shipping was free since I bought three.

The blade is carbon, and is super-slippery.  Stuff just sliiiides right off, and while I didn't realize that sticking was an issue with knives - it totally never occurred to me to dislike my old knives because they weren't nonstick - I can definitely say that it is WONDERFUL to have nonstick knives. They are smooth and clean up really quickly.

The blades don't wobble... they're nice and thick and sturdy, and extend up the length of the grip as well.  They're also a little bit longer than other paring knives I've had or used, and I love them for that!  Eventually, I may add more knives from this company to my collection, but for now my paring knives chop veggies, slice potatoes, and de-fat raw meat.  

The two features that made me choose this brand over any other higher-end knife were the blade guards and... um... the fact that they come in colors.  Drawer space is at a premium here, so my knives are in, loose, with the rest of the silverware... and I feel much better about rifling through the drawer knowing that these puppies are sheathed!  And I bought them in red and black (the same colors as most of the rest of our utensils) annnnnd light pink.  Because I'm me. :c)  Kuhn Rikon suggests using the color variety to color code what you're cutting and avoid cross-contamination... but I mostly just like that they're pretty!

I will say that there is a slight downside to these knives. Well, more specifically, with graduating to "big girl cutlery."  They're sharp, and I can't handle them the way I handled my cheapies.  My poor fingers have been suffering from my learning curve, haha!  I haven't really had much experience with higher-end knives, so I can't compare Kuhn Rikon to any of the other big names, but I CAN definitely say that if you are looking for reasonably inexpensive knives that are sturdy, pretty multi-taskers, the Colori knife by Kuhn Rikon is an excellent choice! 


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