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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lab Work Blahs

After 3 hours of dealing with the DMV, we finally got SC license plates and SC drivers' licenses... so that was nice.  Then I took Ethan straight to work for his office hours, and headed to a doctor's appointment with my RE.

Overall, there were no major surprises with my labs... my testosterone is high, nothing he can do about it.  My DHEA (I think, and honestly, I'm too pooped to look for the paperwork to make sure that's the right thing) is a little bit high, so he plans to prescribe a tiny dose of steroids (those cause weight gain, right? yay!)  My A1C is high (8.8).  The good news is, my new RE seems pretty aggressive, and also seems to be a really good communicator.  He has already talked to a new endocrinologist about my diabetes and how it relates to my infertility, and is going to talk to him again and ask him to prescribe Metformin.  He believes that we will be able to reign my A1C back in with it, and I really, really hope he's right.  He said that, while I obviously have Type 1 diabetes, I am probably also insulin-resistant enough to qualify as Type 2. 

Even though all of this information is fairly predictable, I'm feeling a little discouraged.  I guess it's just hard to hear it all again. And again.  Annnnddd... again.  The nugget of encouragement today is that my doctor did not blow us off, tell us to come back when my A1C was impossibly low... he came up with a plan, and helped us implement it.  He wants to stay in contact with my other doctor and with us.  His desire to remain in the loop makes me feel like he is invested in us, and in helping our dreams of parenthood come true. 



  1. have you been on metformin before?

    1. Nope... someone wondered out loud about it in OH once... but my old endo acted like that was crazy-talk. It IS really unusual to use it with a type 1, but... I'm an unusual chick ;-)

    2. i'm just surprised they never tried it before since it seems to be so effective with PCOS. i tried it a couple of times but it wasn't very effective for me- however, i am also an unusual PCOSer because i don't have insulin resistance. praying you'll have some success with it! it DOES upset your stomach at first but your body will get used to it!

  2. I've been praying for you, Katie!


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