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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guess What...


It came as a huge surprise to even us, but Ethan and Charley and I all packed up and moved over 500 miles away from most of our family and friends, his job, and the towns where we were each raised.  And we did this in the span of about two weeks!

Later, I will fill you in on some of the details of our move, as well as some of the highlights of our crazy life that y'all missed during my extended (not entirely intentional) blogcation.  But for now, I thought I'd share the change of address cards we sent (today, actually) to most of our Christmas card list... since we totally didn't make time for Christmas cards this year!!

Thanks to Pinterest, and long before we had any inkling that this move might be happening, I found this idea for handmade paint chip address cards.  I have a slight major addiction to paint chips, and a huge collection that I have stolen borrowed obtained from Lowe's and WalMart, so I thought to myself, "Hey. It could happen.  One day when we're in our nineties, we may leave our sweet little honeymoon home and move into an assisted living facility and want to let people know where to find us.  I'll pin it, just in case." 

Whelp.  We're not ninety yet, and it's not assisted living, but... I'm glad I pinned these!  (PS: Anybody else on Pinterest?  I'm SUCH an addict!  Follow me!)

I adapted her design a little bit.  Mostly:
  • I used business card specialty paper that I happened to have laying around for the actual address card.
  • I used a wide paint chip for the background, and a contrasting color for the little strip.  I love that hers is an illusion, but I liked the idea of a little more color and I didn't have to worry about how many chips of which colors I had.  
  • I did not tape down the white address part... and I only taped down the ends of the skinny strips.  Which means that my business card sized address card will come out of the bigger card and can be easily tucked in someone's address book, basket, whatever. :-)
Stick around - I'll post details, apartment fun, some goals for our new life, and maybe a recipe or two that make us happy people... haha!  



  1. Oh I totally LOVE this idea! I wish that I had done something like that with our last move. Seriously HALF of our Christmas cards got forwarded from our old home.....even when I sent out an email. But, I know that people do not write stuff down or it gets ignored. Oh well! Maybe it will be fixed by NEXT Christmas. haha :)

    1. Thanks! There were a few people I didn't send these to because I didn't have THEIR new addresses from a recent move. Thank goodness for email and facebook - because in the "olden days" that would have meant we'd completely lose touch. Which would stink. Our first 2 married Christmases, we only got cards from people we sent them to first... so I was so touched when we got cards this year, since we hadn't sent a single one. :-P

  2. Love it! I wished I would follow through with the stuff I'd see on pinterest! Sadly, I just pin. ;) I'm excited to hear of your moving journey and glad to see you back!!

    1. Thank you! I do pretty well at actually using recipes I pin, and I did a small fraction of my diy pins for Christmas gifts... but nowhere near the 500ish things I WANT to do! Thank you for urging me back... I've missed this. :-)

  3. You're back! Yay! I hope the move wasn't too eventful and I look forward to hearing about it and all of your goals for the future!

    1. Yay! The move itself was really uneventful, especially considering all of the drama of planning a reeeeeally short-notice interstate move! I'm headed to your blog next to catch up on your life - hope it's been wonderful :-)


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