Always, Katie: Birthday Weekend Recap!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Birthday Weekend Recap!

I turned 24 on Sunday!  We started celebrating on Saturday night, with my in-laws.  The four of us went to a beautiful, yummy French restaurant nearby and had a delicious dinner.  

I wore this yellow dress, and on a whim, through on my red stretchy belt and red shoes.  I was surprised--it was a LOT of fun to wear!  Not a color combo I'd usually be brave enough to try, but motivates me to try more bold outfits...

Then, I got to open gifts from my precious husband and his loving parents.  Let's just say--I am ridiculously spoiled :-) 

This is the second box of gemstone stud earrings I opened... to go in the new-ish second holes in my ears. :-)  I got amethysts and blue topaz.  Like I said--spoiled! 

I also got a shiny pair of red boxer shorts--in Ethan's size.  WooHoo!


And, of course, I got some puppy play in, too!  

Ethan got me a beautiful cake from Sam's, with yummy buttercream icing... mmm...

On Friday, my Aunt Tami called and invited us to come over and see my grandparents who were going to be in town from West Virginia, so we spent Sunday afternoon at her house among wonderful family.  It was so much fun!!  It had been years since I'd been able to see my grandparents for my birthday, so it was definitely a birthday to remember!  And, Aunt Tami has the COOLEST koi pond in her backyard... her fish are like pets!  They all have personalities and stuff... and I spend a long time on my belly on the little bridge, letting them nibble on my fingers and feeding them fish food.  It's the little things ;-)

Annnddd yesterday, I went shopping with one of my gift cards, to JoAnn Fabric.  I got some beading supplies I've never tried before, and some fabric.

Here is what I did with the fabric, in about an hour and a half:

Based on a tutorial I found here!

I also made a few new pieces of jewelry... I'll show you later :-) 

All in all, I can't imagine a better birthday weekend--so much fun, so much love <3



  1. I wrote a nice long comment, but blogger messed up and I lost it. :(

    Basically it said: Happy birthday! I love that yellow dress. You look smokin'! I hope you get exactly what your heart desires for your birthday this year. Those red boxers may help. ;)

    That's the condensed version. :)

  2. Thank you so much! (That's kinda the point of the boxers... giggle!) This is another "that week" after Clomid Round 2... please pray?


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