Always, Katie: Update!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hi friends!  We are having a surprisingly great time in VA :-)  Surprising because this school stuff is EXHAUSTING, not because I don't love it here!  The mountains are sooo beautiful, and people are nice (and talk cool)!

Anyway.  For the last week, I went to class, came home, slept, ate, and slept... woke up in the morning and did it again.  Since this was a counseling class--and it was very hands-on--it was an emotionally draining but satisfying week of class.  I am amazed at how many examples I saw of God working... both over the short-term, and long-term.  Giving us experiences and qualities that would help us help our classmates... even as long ago as 20 years.  And, while I can't go into detail (obvi!), let's just say that there is no WAY most of these could be coincidences.  We were meant to be in that class, with that professor, and in those small breakaway groups.  Period.

Speaking of period (yeah, nice segue, huh?)... we're in the middle of our first Clomid cycle!  Please pray for us, and that this works!  

We have the next week off (except for preparing for my next class and working on Ethan's online class), and we'll get to celebrate our second anniversary, which is Monday.  Two years... seems like a lifetime in someways, and yesterday in others :-)  You can probably expect a mushy post in the near future.

Speaking of future posts (Woo! 'Nother segue!)... I have almost run out of the Proverbs posts that I had prepared in advance, so they may not be quite as regular as they have been.  I'm still going to try and schedule them for the next class week I have, but homework is kiiiiiiinda important!

I'm going to leave you with a picture... we get a kick out of taking "first day of school" pictures of each other. :-)  Funny story--I'm not wearing a bit of jewelry!  I didn't have any that would be perfect for the outfit, so I took "ingredients" to class, intending to create something on breaks.  Turns out, my classmates were too friendly and interesting, so I made friends instead of jewelry.  No regrets! ;-)  Also, bear in mind... I hate mornings, and have a slightly smart-alecky streak.  I give you... the thinker.



  1. I will definitely be praying for you with everything you are doing. ESPECIALLY the Clomid. I hope the clomid works for you this month, so we could (hopefully) be bump buddies!

  2. Btw: That is such a cute picture of you!

  3. Thank you, Beth! I will definitely be rooting for us to be bump buddies :-) We can still be if we're a month or two apart, though, right? With the stress this month, I am trying reeeeally hard to be optimistic about next month, too... :-) Trying not to set myself up for heartache.

  4. I know how that is (about the optimism and fear of the potential heartache, that is).

    We can definitely be buddies, no matter when those bumps decide to show. :)

  5. Katie- I just read that you have PCOS . . . I do too! Good luck with the Clomid- miracles do happen! I will pray for you! :)


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