Always, Katie: Hunt for Home: The Part I Didn't Mention

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hunt for Home: The Part I Didn't Mention

For those of your who follow along, I've posted a couple of times about the fact that Ethan and I are in the early, early stages of finding a house - namely, making lists of must-haves and preferences.  

The part that I have been leaving out is the state in which we will be searching - and that state is not South Carolina.  

Ethan resigned his position as an assistant professor and is job searching in Ohio.  His job turned out to be a nightmare in many ways, and we've known for a while that it was not going to be his forever job.  When he was ready to look for a new job, we decided that we wanted to go home.  We miss our Ohio family, and our Ohio friends-who-are-like-family.  

So, we took a huge leap of faith last week, loaded the contents of our smoky, tiny apartment into a Penske truck, and drove back to Ohio.  We are currently staying with his parents (who are amazing - seriously, I won the in-law lottery!) until one of his job applications bears fruit.  

Stopped for lunch - I drove the truck the whole way, while Ethan led in his car. :-)

Truck backed into the driveway on the most gorgeous Ohio day!
Empty truck = exhausted and relieved couple!
We would appreciate your prayers as we transition, and for his/our job search... we have been making sound financial choices, so we can be okay for a long while (thanks in BIG part to his parents providing room and board!!) and expect to still be able to proceed straight to home-buying when Ethan signs a contract, but we would really like for this to happen sooner rather than later :-)   Thank you!
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