Always, Katie: Confessional Friday: Most Embarrassing Moment

Friday, July 12, 2013

Confessional Friday: Most Embarrassing Moment

I'm hopping on board again for the Confessional Friday link-up! 

Most embarrassing moment(s). These can be most embarrassing moments of all-time or just things that happened lately.

I’m not sure if I have no shame, or just a really bad memory… but I had to go back to the summer I turned 20 for my most embarrassing moment :-)

My hometown has an annual hot air balloon festival in July… there are contests for balloon pilots, an after-dark balloon glow, the usual festival crafts and foods and rides, and hundreds of beautiful hot air balloons.  The guy I was been dating at the time and I went one evening just to wander around and soak in the summer sun and festival atmosphere before meeting some of his out of town family for dinner.

I was wearing my favorite comfy jean shorts – you know the type, well-worn enough to be soft as pajama shorts, with tiny (2mm, max!) little threadbare-ish spots in the corners of the back pockets – and a short-sleeve tee, feeling all cute and summer-time.  As we were strolling, my ex-boyfriend asked if I knew I had a hole in the back of my shorts.  I assumed he meant the tiny little spots by the pocket and kinda laughed it off, despite the slightly baffled look he gave me.  So we kept walking around, visiting with people we knew since EVERYbody in town was at the festival, until it was time to leave to meet his family.  

I tried to slip my hand in my back pocket… and found it down near the back of my knee.  Somehow, a couple of those tiny little threadbare spots had spread and connected… and resulted in the entire left cheek of my underpants being exposed for the whole town to see for at least an hour.  And I didn’t have time to change before supper!  So I made my ex-boyfriend swap out the long-sleeved shirt he was wearing for a short-sleeved shirt he had in the car so I could tie the long-sleeved shirt around my waist.  I was convinced the whole night that his family could tell my pants had fallen apart and were hanging in rags…

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend, and keep your shorts in one piece!!

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