Always, Katie: Confessional Friday: Guilty Pleasure

Friday, July 19, 2013

Confessional Friday: Guilty Pleasure

It's time for another Confessional Friday!  

This week's prompt: Guilty Pleasures

In two words: 



Any frozen treat, really.  Ice cream, fro-yo, drumsticks, McFlurries, Frosty's, Dairy Queen dipped cones, Culver's frozen custard...

In high school, I worked at a frozen yogurt store for three years.  I DEARLY loved that job!  Not just for the yogurt and ice cream, but for the coworkers and the customers.  It was a great, great introduction into customer service and the working world.  

Sometimes I crave frozen desserts in zero-degree weather... 

My junior year of college, the little market in my dorm started to carry Graeters (a wonderful, Cincinnati local brand) in pints.  It got me through a breakup and a lot of all-nighters.  :-)

A grocery sign announcing a sale on Mayfield ice cream can ALMOST make me jump three lanes to get to the entrance! 

My usual favorite is mint chocolate chip, but I also love raspberry chip, cookies and cream and cookie dough :-)  

And now... I'm wrapping this up and grabbing the last little bit of cookie dough ice cream in the fridge :-)

Have a wonderful weekend, and stay cool!  Maybe with some ice cream ;-)
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  1. Ice cream is the worst. It is probably the only "decadent" food that kills me. I can go without soda, sweets, cookies, and anything else. But every two or three weeks I get an ice cream craving and finish off a whole box in one night. Ice cream is the worst!!


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