Always, Katie: Grilled Peanut Butter Treat

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Grilled Peanut Butter Treat

I went to college to learn things, and I learned a LOT of really cool things.  

One of those really cool things was this little secret:

Melty. Peanut butter. Is.  AMAZING!

During finals week, our RAs tried to help us keep grounded and relaxed, and one year, my RA brought her griddle to the commons room and made us all grilled PB&J.  This isn't so much as recipe post as it is a "Hey, if you haven't tried this... try this!" post, but I got a craving for this yesterday and thought how tragic it would be if someone out there had never tasted this heavenly little snack, so I thought I'd share it :-)  

The concept is super-simple... make yourself a peanut butter and jelly (or just peanut butter, or peanut butter and apple butter, or peanut butter and honey...) sandwich, butter the outsides of each piece of bread, and grill it up over medium heat on the stove.  Make sure the outsides of the bread get that nice, golden crispyness! Then, I used my brand-spankin'-new powdered sugar shaker from Pampered Chef to sprinkle a little extra sweetness on top, too :-)  It's totally decadent and not at all low-cal, but I figure the protein in the peanut butter has to count for something, right?

Next time you're in need of some comfort food, give this a try! It's quick, easy, and fun... and melty peanut butter is seriously the yummiest thing in the world :-)  If you need a shaker like mine (a million different uses!), pop over and visit my wonderful Pampered Chef consultant, Bethany!
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