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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Too Excited NOT to Post this Prematurely

When I was living at my parents' house (junior high? high school?), my mom had the brilliant idea to put a desk in my extra bedroom closet for homework and my computer.  I. Was. So. Cool.  It was very James Bond-y :-)  

Fast forward, um, a couple of years, and closet offices (aka "Cloffices!") are all the rage!  I lovelovelove what Jen over at IHeartOrganizing has done with her bedroom closet...

Isn't it pretty?  Very tranquil.
All of my beading stuff is currently spread through the house.  Most of it is in our bedroom--on the desk, a bookcase, my nightstand, tray table--but there is also some in the kitchen (don't ask), the living room, basement... you'll find beads in almost every room of this house.  :-)  I want a little hub for my business... where my camera batteries can charge and I can type, where I can store mailing supplies, jewelry components, and inventory, where inspirational quotes, colors, and pictures can reside.  And we just happen to have a dreadfully under-employed closet in our home office. 

Here is the "before" picture:

I know, right? Nice, big, and nowhere near as useful as it can be!
We tossed most of the boxes, since we'd had the products long enough to be sure we wanted them, and got an accordion folder to organize the lovely stack of paperwork.  It'll be nice to have our sixth kitchen chair back!  

Ethan and I bought some "Blue Avalon" paint (by Glidden) at Walmart, and I got busy painting my first wall ever.  Painting clothes: practice uniform shorts from color guard... when I was 15.  Yeaah.  And the shirt is from a JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes :-)  And notice the 2Liter of Diet Coke?  I needed most of that bottle!

We secured Charley with his leash so he wouldn't try to interfere.  He was not amused.

But his daddy comforted him... :-) Aren't my boys handsome?

My closet looks beautiful so far!  We also have the makings for a make-shift desk that I am so excited for... lots of cubbie cubes with a piece of white melamine to lay over them as a desktop!  And I have all sorts of fun ideas for organizing my supplies, and adding bursts of light and color and inspiration... displaying jewelry... maybe even a little photography corner, so I don't have to keep using the top of my jewelry chest!

Stay tuned for the rest of the makeover!  Sooooo EXCITED!!!


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