Always, Katie: This Little Town Makes Me Smile

Monday, June 6, 2011

This Little Town Makes Me Smile

We live in a little village outside the small city adjacent to the medium city I was raised in.  (Got that? Ha!) Actually, we always kinda made (teasing, gentle) fun of the small city as being backwards and redneck!  At any rate, our village is adorable, and the small city is growing on me :-)  Recently, I noticed a new little bit of graffiti that made me smile.

This is weird.  Graffiti in general makes me really angry.  However, this particular case has made me think, try to imagine who may have written it and what they meant.

Maybe someone is super-glad to be here? Maybe they're craving acknowledgement? Are they FINALLY here? Or stuck here? This is the only spray paint you can see anywhere in the area--maybe even the city.  Food for thought :-) What else could they be saying or feeling?

Enjoy your day, wherever YOU are!


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