Always, Katie: Day 2: Office Closet Project

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 2: Office Closet Project

Typical Katie style, I couldn't wait to get my "cloffice" usable!  I'm not a patient woman, so once the paint was reasonably dry... the desk was assembled, the beginnings of organizing were purchased (along with a few little decorative touches), an old (dorm!) lamp was revived with a new lampshade (which will need some additions), lighting was installed, and cork boards were created and hung.  Yeah... the paint has only been dry about 24 hours as I type this.  Not a patient woman. :-)  

My blue wall, contrasting with the white door and shelf (which is anchored FIRMLY into studs... so the cloffice has to work around it!)... I think the color is pretty subtle, but just enough to not be sterile white, especially considering all of the white that is in there now.  Although, some of these things MAY get spray painted if I get bored later :-)

Here are the cubby-things that make up the legs of my desk... and the piece of white melamine we put over top of them.  The thingies came with three back pieces each, so that half are open to the back wall.  I stuck a piece of 12x12 cardstock under the backs before I nailed them in--this would work with any of this type of assemble yourself thingamabobby!  

Here are some close-ups:

This was Day 2... after I painted in the morning, and waited for the paint to dry! 

Stay tuned for Day 3... it's done, but I'm too sleepy to write any more tonight :-)


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