Always, Katie: Signs of Spring

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Signs of Spring

The other day, I wrote that I wanted to take my new camera out and put it through its outdoor paces, while searching for signs that spring had indeed sprung in Southwest Ohio.  Today, I had to venture out for an eye doctor appointment anyway, so I toted my camera in my purse.  LOVE big purses!  

Anyway... imagine my surprise when I left the house to discover... a fabulous spring day!  And not one where spring is thiiiiinking about starting, but a warm, sunny, fully spring day!!! I promise that it must have happened overnight, because I was expecting to scour the gloom for little glimmers of hope.

So, without further ado: Spring.

First: bird poo on our driveway.  Yeah... slightly gross, but it means the birds are home, and you can't really photograph chirping and singing.  Or birds, if you kinda stink at sneaking up on birds, like I do.

I drove to the appointment with the windows partly down and the radio way up.  Ahh... love it :-)  My car and I even got to go for a little run.  I rarely speed, but I DO like the roads with higher limits ;-)

An inside-out picture of the flag in front of my eye doctor's office through his window! The wind was just kinda blowing, real gently... very peaceful, and I tend to get all mushy about the American flag <3

And this is our precious little lilac bush.  We live on a gravel pit--like, seriously--so this little fella is a fighter.  When I was growing up, we had several big lilac bushes in our yard, and that smell is the most lovely smell I know... I had to get some for our home right away!  I'd love to have more, too... bunches and bunches, so the beautiful scent hits you as soon as you approach our lot or walk out of the house. I had been watching for blooms for a few days, and it looks like these buds are ready to explode any minute now... can't wait!

So, my search for spring turned out to be easier than expected!  I hope you like these few pictures.  I enjoyed having my camera with me, and felt a little quirky and fun taking random pictures, so I just might do it more often :-)


PS: Another sign of spring: pretty sure a skunk just got startled outside our house. Ew.

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