Always, Katie: Minor Delay, but SO WORTH IT!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Minor Delay, but SO WORTH IT!

Oooookay.  So here's the thing.  I didn't go outside and take pictures because:
  1. It's stinkin' cold out there.I know I said no matter the weather, but... ugh.
  2. I was in a depression funk.  They're rare now, but they're kinda debilitating when they happen.
  3. I got a few emails from a friend that a) helped me shake the funk off and b) gave me something to blog. :-)
My friend Brianna is a super-talented amateur photographer, finishing up high school this year.  So I asked her if she would be interested/willing to take some pictures of me for bloggy-type purposes.  She said she would, and then I gave probably the most confusing description of what I needed: pictures of me... but featuring my jewelry... not like, focused on it... but... I dunno, like catalog shots? 
I hope you'll agree, she knocked it out of the park! 

I know--you can't see the jewelry too well in this one, but you CAN see how much fun I was having.  Somehow, I just felt young and pretty.  Granted, I AM technically young, but... y'know. ;-)

Kinda goofy of me, but awesome concept and colors!

This is "the look." I inherited it from my mom... this one say, "you're nutty." Remove the smile, arch the eyebrow a little higher, and it says, "Run." Hahaha!

Aaaand last, but not least, my FAVORITE!  She sent a bunch more pictures than the ones here, so let me tell you--it is hard to pick a fave, but I lovelovelove this one :-)

Thanks, B!!!!


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