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Friday, May 20, 2011

Pretty Flutterbies

I have recently discovered and become addicted to IHeart Organizing.  Jen is awesome, and the pictures of her home are... omg.  I love our house and decorating style, and hers is completely different (but stunning!)... but I can still translate lots of her ideas into projects that work for us.  She wrote this post about inspiration, which totally inspired me!!

I love her butterfly artwork in this one, and had a blast adapting it to our bedroom.  It was quick and easy, and looks fantastic over our hampers :-)  Which... you will not see... because they're full... and kinda ugly, haha!  Maybe you can see the wall when we replace the hampers.  

This is hers:  

She's great, really fun and cool... go check her blog out.  You will loooove it!  Also, since I was so excited making these, I whipped 'em out in no time flat and forgot to take pictures... luckily, she has a tutorial if you're so inclined. :-)

Here are mine...

And close-ups...

Hope you like 'em!!  I'm pretty thrilled!!!


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