Always, Katie: How to Use Instagram's New Draft Feature (It's a Game-Changer!)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How to Use Instagram's New Draft Feature (It's a Game-Changer!)

I mentioned in my announcement for Capture Your Season that I love Instagram's new draft feature, and surprised a couple of people :-) Here's how you use this fabulous new feature (totally making third-party draft apps obsolete, in my opinion):

Start your post as you normally would. Pick a picture from your camera roll. (See my sweet puppy?)

Edit it or apply a filter. (My standard, if you're curious, is to increase brightness and decrease temperature.)

Write a caption, tag people and/or locations. Get it all the way ready to post, or just a little bit of the way (if you need to marinate on a caption, for example).

Now, before you hit "post," tap the "<" button at the top left of the screen. Tap it again. You should see a prompt box that asks if you want to save or discard your draft. Choose "Save Draft."

When you're ready to continue working on it, or to post it, tap the "+" button at the bottom middle of your IG home screen. It will open up a new post window with your most recent camera roll photo in place, but right under that, you'll see your list of drafts. Tap the draft you want to resume, and all of the edits, tags, and captions will be just like you left them! 

I must say, this feature has been WONDERFUL for me, since I rarely manage to finish a post in one sitting... *ahem* toddlers *ahem*!

And of course - it's helping me get ready for my super-fun Instagram challenge ahead of time, so that I finally finish a challenge ;-)

Have you used the draft feature yet? Do you love love love it like I do? :-)

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