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Monday, August 24, 2015

This App is a Life Changer!

Got your attention? :-)

I love almost everything about scrapbooks.  I love pictures, I love pretty paper, I love cutting and gluing and journaling, I love looking at finished scrapbooks, I love the idea of having stories and pictures preserved where Abbie and Sam can look at them someday. 

What I don't love is the time (and money) involved.  While I love to lose myself in my crafty room for hours on end, it still takes a long time and a lot of trips to Michael's to finish a book.  As a matter of fact... I've never finished a book.  Ever.  Our wedding album is the closest I've ever come, and it's probably only 1/3 of the way finished.  

BUT!  I was peer pressured influenced by a bunch of busy blogger types on Instagram to try the Project Life app.  I downloaded it not long after Abbie and Sam were born... it's one of the only apps I've EVER paid for ($2.99).  I've also bought a few "kits" of themed "cards" and some extra layouts.  Altogether, I've probably invested less than $15 in this app.  
In the first week or two I had the app, I built an entire 19-page scrapbook of my induction and delivery and our time in the hospital bonding and meeting family.  I didn't have to print photos, I didn't have to run to Michael's, and I don't have more extra paper and embellishments piling up that I may never use :-)  I can make a page in a few minutes using photos from my camera roll or Dropbox account... my favorite time to "scrapbook" was while feeding babies over night.  Then I saved the finished pages to Dropbox to print at a later date.  For the labor and delivery book, I'm planning to upload each page into a photo book and have the whole book printed when I get a great coupon code.  I can even make extra prints of the book - one for us, one for Abbie, one for Sam - without having to remake each page.  
Now that I'm caught up from their arrival, I have been able to scrapbook all major scrappy occasions the next day... birthdays, 1 and 2 month pictures, our anniversary... all scrapped and waiting to be printed.  The prints can be slipped into scrapbook page protectors (among "real" pages or on their own) or even displayed in square frames.  Pretty nifty!  For this stage in our family's life, where the photo opps are many and the extra time is sparse, being able to make scrapbook pages so simply and quickly is a huge giift!  I'm not being compensated in any way for this post, just hoping to spread the word and hope to other moms or busy people who are convinced they'll never catch up on their photo memory preservation :-)
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