Always, Katie: Jamberry Nails Review and GIVEAWAY

Monday, December 1, 2014

Jamberry Nails Review and GIVEAWAY

You've probably heard of Jamberry Nails.  They are ALL over blogs, Instagram and Facebook lately, and I must admit... I've spent my fair share of time the last couple of years on the website, salivating over the most adorable designs.  I put off trying them because they seemed a bit pricey to me, and honestly... with the expenses that keep showing up on our horizons (IVF, then FET, now twins...) the last thing in the world I needed was another expensive addiction.  

But, one of our cousins (technically, she's Ethan's, but she's cool so I'll claim her too) became a consultant fairly recently and asked me to consider writing a review of the product for me blog.

OW, OW, OW... my poor twisted arm.... ;-)


So she sent me an applicator kit and a sheet of super-stylish black and white chevron wraps.  If you're not entirely clear on what "wraps" are (I wasn't), they're fancy stickers with super-duper strong, heat-activated adhesive.  I used my blow dryer, along with the tools in the kit, to apply them. Let's be totally honest here... applying them the first time was pretty tough!  But by my 5th and 6th nails (that's all I did - I got tired and distracted), I was getting the hang of it. :-)  For the nails I didn't wrap, I used black polish that I usually use for seasonal nail art. 

For the next two or three days, I went back and forth between "my nails feel weird, this is annoying!" and "these are the cutest flipping things I've ever seen!"  I was able to wear them for a little over two weeks (they last 2-3, but I'm convinced my prenatal vitamins made my nails grow out faster than they normally would have).  By the end of those two weeks, I was getting more than a little sad that they were eventually going to have to come off!!  And the black nails that I painted?  I had to touch them up every other day, and by the end, they were still a fright! 

I really like the look of mixing polish and "jams"... either like I did, or with just one accent nail.  If you did that, a sheet of wraps would last you forEVER!!  Using them normally, you should be able to get two full manis and two full pedis out of them.  Manis last 2-3 weeks, pedis last 4-6!  Considering wraps are around $15/sheet (depending on fanciness, I think), that's a great bargain if you tend to get professional manicures a lot.  If, like me, you usually paint your own nails and chip them off a few days later... it's definitely more expensive per manicure than buying a reasonably-priced bottle of polish.  BUT! The staying power!!  Aren't you tired of only having pretty nails for a couple of hours, max? And the designs!!! I'm fairly decent at free-handing designs on my nails, but I cannot even APPROACH these things!!  Check out some of this adorableness!!

"Let It Snow" - Seasonal, or for all you grown-up Queen Elsa fans!  And check out the Juniors version, too!
They have a collegiate line! They don't have my alma mater - Miami U - but these will do ;-)
Sweet Whimsy - I love almost everything in the Garden Party line!
Reminisce - More from the Garden Party.  I mean...
Leopard - fierce!
Yeah, I could do this all day... Go check them out yourself at Becky's consultant page! You still have time to order a bunch as stocking stuffers... orders placed by December 10 will arrive in time for Christmas!

Oh... right... the title promised a giveaway... ;-)

This is the perfect opportunity to try Jamberry for the first time!  Especially if you're nervous about starting a new "thing" and investing before you're sure you'll love it.  Becky has given me a whole sheet of "Black & White Polka" nail wraps to give to one lucky reader!  It will also come with the application kit, so you'll be set up for a lifetime of Jammin' :-)  

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  1. My favorite is the garden party line as well. Or the mint and gold stripe! These are great for doing nails during naps because no drying time!! That will be very important in 6 or so months. :)

  2. I love the polka dot and chevron ones....I also love pretty in pink. Thanks for the chance!

  3. I love skinny pink! Or any of the pinks haha!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I love them all... one of my favorites is "Feeling Festive"! I love that design. I also love Shake Your Tail Feather, Sweater Weather and Pointsettia. It's hard to choose JUST one! Thanks for the chance!


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