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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Hunt for Home: Buttercream

Two weeks ago, I shared some of the must-have features of the home we are searching for, and today I’m going to talk about some of the features that we would prefer and some that would be the chocolate buttercream on the cake.  

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  • Formal dining room

I want to be able to host bigger family and friend gatherings, and the more dining seating, the better.  If it doesn’t have a formal dining room, then the dining area needs to be nice and spacious… with room for a pretty sizable table and chairs that will seat six people at the VERY least.  


  • Laundry on the same level as bedrooms

In our apartment and our Ohio house, the laundry rooms have been a few steps from our bedroom, and it is so.nice.  And when our laundry load doubles or more, I’m sure I will appreciate it even more.  It’s not a deal breaker, but… it sure would be preferable!


  • Walk-in closets.

This is close to a must-have, but really, as long as the closets are roomy, it’ll be fine.  I really have a much easier time keeping my closets organized and wearing my clothes evenly when they have a little extra room to breathe, though.  


  • A pretty entry way

Preferably with a pretty staircase – even more preferably with a cool upstairs hallway with a railing overlooking said staircase and entry way.  Yeah, this is totally a buttercream thing, but it would give me big warm-fuzzies and I have daydreams about seasonal decorations… sigh.


  • Gas Fireplace

For hanging stockings over.  Yeah, Christmas traditions are THAT important to me! But our allergies won’t tolerate wood fires, so it’s gotta be gas.  If there’s not already one, we’ll have to add one.  :-) 


  • Hardwood floors

Another thing that will be much better for our allergies.  Carpet holds all kinds of icky allergens!  The more area covered by hardwood, the better we’ll like the house!  

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  • Finished (or partially finished) basement

We have to have some storage area, and neither one of us are keen on attic-climbing, so some of the basement will have to be storage.  But we do like the idea of a rec room/craft area/man cave/whatever area downstairs and out of the way of company and whatnot.  I can see that kind of area being useful in different ways for different life stages.

I'm almost certain I'm leaving some things out, but this is an idea of what we're looking for... Essentially, a home that allows us to not only raise a family, but be hospitable to our extended family, friends, and friends of our kids.  We want our home to be a haven for us, but also one where everyone we love can feel comfortable and at home.  :-) 


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