Always, Katie: Revisiting My 30 by 30 List - I've Made Some Progress!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Revisiting My 30 by 30 List - I've Made Some Progress!

Do you guys remember when I shared a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish in the 18 months or so that were left until I turned 30?  Right around six months have passed since I made that list, so I wanted to revisit it and share some of my progress with y'all!

  • I made my first batch of cold process soap about two weeks ago!  I won't know for almost another month how it turned out, but it *looks* right and was a LOT of fun! 
  • Still haven't thrown a dinner "party," but we did have my parents over for dinner I made myself and that was nice :-) Not checking this one off yet though... even though we realized that seating is going to make it really difficult to have more than one other couple over. Lol!
  • I've started purging, but it's not getting crossed off until I've gotten rid of a LOT more.
  • Nope.
  • Heck nope.

  • See my first post as a Huffington Post contributor here!
  • Nah, and I've planned this to be a "closer to 30" item, since the babies are still so young and prone to eating art supplies. :-)
  • Not yet... but I'm practicing my stock photo type photography.  
  • I have a few ideas. :-)
  • Nope.  I was hoping to while Ethan was off work this June, but it was soooo hot. Maybe when the weather breaks a little.
  • Pfft.
  • No... and I think maybe I've built it up in my head to the point I'm almost scared, lol!
  • I've done a few pages, but I have LOTS still to do.
  • When I set this goal, I wasn't thinking about our annual family reunions in West Virginia, I was thinking something a little longer, vacation-y.  But by golly, getting them there, surviving the trip and hotel nights and outdoorsy reunion itself, felt like a victory, so I'm crossin' it off!  We may take another trip with them by the time I turn 30, but yeah.  I'm counting this one :-)
  • No... and I'd kinda forgotten I'd set this goal!  I do need to get back on that :-)
  • Nope.
  • I've sent five... I should be a little further along, but it's not bad!  Hopefully, they've made the recipients smile and know they're loved :-)
  • Yes!!  I get asked all the time about my cookie pie! So fun!
  • You're looking at the new newsletter editor for the West Chester Mothers of Twins and More Club!  Well, starting August 1, technically. 
  • She's awesome :-) 

  • I've made some tiny strides... I finished our canisters.  And I'm honestly not sure what I want to do in there, I just know it's a room I wouldn't have picked the finishes for.  Problem is... it's in great shape and it would be wasteful to change much about it... so I need to figure out a way to work with the counters, cabinets, etc and still make it feel "us."  Maybe a new backsplash? 
  • I've sent out LOTS of pitches, and gotten a couple of collaborations that I'm REALLY excited about!  It still feels awkward and I still have a ways to go and much to learn, but I'm making progress.
  • Fingers crossed!
  • I've seen lists of classes I can take over a weekend that would give me a good chunk of the CEUs I need... I just haven't felt particularly inspired to take them.  But I do NOT want to lose this license!  
  • I've read one :-)  I know five doesn't seem like a lot, but... I don't get a ton of reading done anymore, and I tend to gravitate more toward fiction.  I'd like to read more about mental health, adolescents, career counseling, etc.  Anyone have any good recs?

  • Not yet... but I miss y'all!
  • I can't remember if the batch I finished was 18 or 20, so I'm going to say I have 32 more to go :-)  
  • Not yet, no ideas.  Sorry, you can't nominate yourself... it wouldn't be a surprise ;-)
  • I was thisclose, but went with a knockout rose instead.
  • I think they start back up at our church this fall, so not yet.

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