Always, Katie: #BlogtemberChallenge: Shout 'Em Out

Thursday, September 24, 2015

#BlogtemberChallenge: Shout 'Em Out

Today's Blogtember Challenge post is all about recognizing our favorite bloggers!

"Shout out five of your favorite bloggers. Who are your regular reads?"
Credits: Rebecca, Beth, Lauren, Kerri, OBB

Two of my best friends in the entire world are bloggers, so I have to shout them out first in no particular order :-)

  • Rebecca at Caravan Sonnet - blogging about faith, chronic illness, and the single life while taking some of the prettiest pictures on the internet.
  • Beth at The Beth Chronicles - mostly parenting and diary-style updates about her beautiful family.  I met her randomly through a guest post I did elsewhere... we became blog friends, then FB friends, then (awesomely) real life friends :-)

I also love following these lovely people:

  • Lauren at 34 Magnolia Street - she has stepped back a lot from regular blogging, but when she does stop by to post, it's always worth reading :-)  A little fashion, a little DIY, lots of deep, relatable musings about life and faith.
  • Kerri at Six Until Me - another type 1 diabetic mom, her blog encouraged me before I got pregnant that a diabetic pregnancy is "doable."  And now I love reading her stories about raising her daughter while managing her diabetes... it gives me ideas about how to make the twins aware in an age-appropriate way, and optimism that I CAN balance it all. 
  • Sara and Kate at Our Best Bites- food you can make and eat.  Not just crazy, fancy, grown-up food, but delicious things I can pop in the crock pot or whip up easily, and every.single.recipe I've ever tried has been really, really good!  Lots of my "go-to"s are from this blog.  Following them both on Instagram is a treat, too - fun, sweet ladies with gorgeous families and awesome senses of humor :-)
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  1. If only that Beth person would blog again after a year break, she could've been first in the list. 😉


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