Always, Katie: Baby, Baby: 26 Week Bumpdate

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Baby, Baby: 26 Week Bumpdate

Thanks to my technological butterfingers, this did not post when it was supposed to... I'm too tired to go back through and correct it all, so please pretend this is still Saturday ;-)
The Kidlets


How Far Along?
26 weeks!  (Although I'm writing this a day early... when it posts, I'll be at our baby shower!)  Somewhere this week, I read that babies born after 26 weeks have about a 90% chance of survival!/

One little lady, one little man.

How big are they?
GINORMOUS!  We saw them on Tuesday, and Little Mister weighed 1lb, 14 oz, while Little Miss weighed 1lb, 12oz!  He weighs now what they weighed TOGETHER last month!  I was relieved to learn that they're in the 53rd and 60th percentile for growth... the sonographer said that with fraternal twins, they don't worry as much about their weights relative to each other, but that even with identical twins, they don't worry until there's a 10% difference.  And when I asked about them being over 50th percentile with a diabetic mom, he said that that's perfectly fine... they wouldn't get concerned until they were in the 90th percentile range :-)  The apps this week are comparing them to green onions (ew), butternut squashes (ew again), and heads of lettuce (slightly less ew).

Changing Momma

Have you started showing yet?
Yeah, but barely.  I don't think anyone would notice, do you?

Weight gain?
3 pounds this month!  I'm feeling pretty good about that, since almost 2 pounds of that was baby ;-) So, 23 pounds total?

Maternity Clothes?
Ha! Yeah.

Stretch Marks?
Yep!  Mostly under my belly, which is funny... that area feels like a big Ruffles chip (you know, the rrrrridges)!  I have one or two tiny ones on either side of my belly button, too.  And Squiggles, my sweet little squiggly first stretch mark... yeah, he's a long red angry guy now ;-)

Belly Button In or Out?
It's really just taunting me at this point.  

Momma's Feeling

Cheesy popcorn/puffs/whatever.  (Thanks, other Katie H!)

Anything making you queasy or sick?

Happy or Moody Most of the Time?
I'm a pretty happy little me!  I keep crying because I'm so happy... that doesn't count as moody, does it?  Yesterday, it was because the dog is so sweet and the twins are so cute.  

Um, like whoa!  Last night, I think Little Mister decided to redecorate his amniotic apartment... he was flipping and rolling, and I couldn't quit giggling.  Poor Ethan was trying to fall asleep and his nutty wife just kept giggling... but it felt CRAZY! Little Miss did the same thing this morning.

I seriously thought this would be a bigger issue than it has been.  With my trusty maternity pillow, sleep is pretty good.  It hurts quite a bit as I'm trying to lay down and get situated, but once I'm there, the Zzzzs start quickly :-)

What I Miss:
Caffeinated Diet Coke... hot baths... pancakes with syrup (I cannot for the life of me bolus syrup well.  On occasion, I eat it anyway and do the best I can, but I'm NOT risking it while I have babies on board.  I've already placed my order for a tall stack the minute the kids are out!)

Other Symptoms:
Nothing new... just stretching and aching :-)

Highlights and Coming Soon
He was very cooperative... we have probably a dozen great pictures of him.  I love the little monster pose... rawr.
She was slightly less cooperative, so this is the one pretty good shot we got of her... she was hiding behind her cord, which distorts the 3D pictures.
I love how this one shows how snuggled up together they are in there <3
Best Moment of the Week:
Our ultrasound!!  Have I mentioned how much we love Chris, our sonographer?  He's the best.  I asked if/when 3D ultrasounds are part of procedure, and he said because our kids don't appear to have any birth defects/etc, that they wouldn't be procedure for me... but he could grab the other camera anyway if we wanted... DUH!  We wanted!!  You guys, these faces... we're so in love, and this is why I keep spontaneously bursting into tears!  Besides the drama of seeing them in 3D, it was wonderful to know that they're looking perfect still, and it was neat to see their heads together.  They're much more crowded than they had been before!

Looking Forward To:
Since this is actually Friday, I'm looking forward to our shower tomorrow!! 

Doctor's Appointment/s:
I have my first non-stress test (NST) at 28 weeks, and that will be (at least) a weekly appointment from then on.  We have another ultrasound the week after that :-)  At our next ultrasound, I'll be one day shy of 30 weeks... WHOA!    

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