Always, Katie: Baby, Baby: 19 Week Bumpdate

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Baby, Baby: 19 Week Bumpdate

The Kidlets
How far along?
19 weeks!  One of our doctors told us last week that they won't let me go past 38 weeks, so I'm now officially at least HALFWAY THERE!  
One girl, one boy <3  The ultrasound tech was right at my 13w2d appointment, but since we knew he wasn't 100% sure, we avoided using pronouns as best we could.  It's so much fun to refer to the little kicks and twinges as coming from HER and from HIM!  
How big are they?
Each baby should be about six inches from crown to rump... about the same length as an heirloom tomato, a mango, or a zucchini.  Three things that sound just... so icky.  They should each weigh about eight to eight and a half ounces, too, so I should be up to about a pound of baby now.  :-)  We're not going to talk about the other 12 or so pounds ;-)

Changing Momma

Have you started to show yet?
Yep.  Sometimes I have to double-take when I walk past a mirror.  And sometimes I just stand there and stare.  Halfway through what may be my only pregnancy ever... I'm soaking it in :-)

Weight gain?
I haven't weighed again since last post.  

Maternity Clothes?
Yeah... the very last shirts I was still able to wear are starting to look a little like hi-lo tunics, and I'm giving them another couple weeks, maybe ;-) 
Stretch Marks?
Still no new ones, but some of the old ones on my legs (I went from 64lb to 94lb in the three months after my diabetes diagnosis, I have plenty of oldies!) are starting to itch like mad.  Is that a thing? 
Belly Button In or Out?
Shallow, and an old incision there from a laparoscopy is starting to feel weird, like it's stretching or something.  I've been weirdly curious to see what that scar looks like on an outie :-D

Momma's Feeling

Still pretty much anything that won't eat me first.  Strawberries were one this week... cheeseburgers... the usual. :-)
Anything making you queasy or sick?
I have actually felt pretty spectacular in that area this week!
Happy or Moody Most of the Time?
I've had a few days where I've had to work hard to squelch the progesterone monster... my fuse is a little shorter than normal, but I'm still generally pretty chipper.  Does that make sense?

YES!  I can finally feel them moving without pressing my hands over them!  My favorite was a couple of nights ago when Charley was sleeping pressed right up against Baby Girl, and she gave him a test poke, then started throwing herself against him.  He didn't notice, but I sure did, and I had googly eyes all day :-)
Still pretty good!  I think part of it is that I take a fairly warm shower before bed, and it relaxes all my aching everything, so I feel better laying down than I do most of the rest of the time.  And of course, my new best friend, the pillow Ethan's parents gave me for Christmas <3  That thing is a lifesaver!
What I Miss:
Baths over 100 degrees... McDonald's diet Coke...
Other Symptoms:
Just feeling super-huge and stretchy.  Sometimes by the end of the day, I'm a little short of breath.  But it's not terrible, and I know it's not going to get better for a good long time ;-)  So I'll just keep grinning :-) 

Highlights and Coming Soon

Best Moment of the Week:
Baby Girl kicking Charley was up there!  I also joined a local Moms of Multiples group and have been getting to know some of the members through their special Facebook group.  Seems like a neat group of ladies, and I'm so excited to have so many veteran twin (or more) moms as resources and friends :-) 

Looking Forward To:
My next meal?  Ha!  I'm working on stocking our extra freezer with frozen meals, and I'm looking forward to feeling a little more prepared in that way.  The nursery is almost ready to start furnishing and decorating, and I'm also really looking forward to seeing it look less like a blank slate and more like a nursery where two tiny humans can live :-)  I might try and do an inspiration post for the nursery like I did for our family room and dining room... but I'm a little on the lazy side lately, so I may not ;-) 

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  1. AHH!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading all of these updates!! SOO fun to hear all the little details of how things are going friend! Love you and those precious babies!!!
    :) Rebecca


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