Always, Katie: September Pinspired: An Excuse to Wear My New Riding Boots a Little Early

Sunday, August 31, 2014

September Pinspired: An Excuse to Wear My New Riding Boots a Little Early

Today, I'm linking up with Shay, Sheaffer and Mel's Pinspired Link-Up.  It's been a while... like, a year!  Don't you love how "life happens" once, and then just keeps happening? ;-)  

A couple of months ago,  I got a great ruffled blouse from Kohl's on clearance with some stackable codes... basically for free :-)  As per my routine, I hopped on Pinterest and pinned a few outfit inspiration pins for how to use it in the future.  Then - ohmygoodness - I got the riding boots I've been pining for since they came in fashion a few years ago!  Also from Kohl's, also with stackable codes... about $30! 

So when Ethan and I planned a big exciting date to our local dinner theater (Mary Poppins!), I wanted to use these two exciting new pieces.  I had so much fun getting ready for our date... I made a huge mess of my closet and our bed, tossing pieces all over.  Felt like a teen again! ;-)

My favorite pin for this blouse featured Duchess Kate... again.  :-)  I can't help it, her casual styles always have an effortless class that I love to try to imitate.

My version, with my beloved new boots in place of her signature wedges...

We had a wonderful night!  I absolutely love that getting ready for a date with this wonderful man to whom I've already been married for more than five years still gives me butterflies and makes me giddy :-)  See the excitement? :-)

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