Always, Katie: Follow-Up to Prayer Requests

Monday, September 2, 2013

Follow-Up to Prayer Requests

This news is awfully late, but I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers for Ethan's job search.  He starts his new job tomorrow :-)  

We are very excited and thankful - the timing was incredible and the job seems like a perfect fit for him. Our insurance coverage will be uninterrupted, and we didn't even have to pay to Cobra a single month!  Major praise right there!  He will be able to use his grad degrees and administrator's license in curriculum, and the schedule allows him a lot of flexibility as far as when he takes vacation or time off for - say - IVF appointments :-)  Also, the location allows us to still be able to live within half an hour of his parents and grandmother, and within two hours of a bunch of our friends! 

I am so proud of him, and so very, very thankful for all of the prayers, support and encouragement from all of our friends - it looks like one of our biggest challenges is behind us... and we're looking forward to tackling the others!
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