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Monday, February 11, 2013


When I started this blog, I envisioned a place where I could connect with friends, family, and customers... I wanted to share my heart, my life, and projects or products that I thought people who love me or my jewelry would find helpful, fun, or inspiring.  

I knew that I was diabetic, and that there is a diabetes online community out there, and I hoped that I could connect with supporters and make new friends, using my blog.

I also knew that I was infertile and hoped to be able to share the heartaches and hopes - as well as the medical journey - that goes along with it.  I didn't realize at the time how big of an infertile community there is in the blogosphere, but I wanted to be a voice that others could seek out and identify with.  That really seems to be the most comforting thing about this community - the realization that you are not the first or only to experience anything.  Every time I have a new procedure or start a new medication, I venture out into blogland and find a handful of other people whose blogs give me some hint of what to expect, and I had hoped to be a similar encouragement to another anonymous 3am blog-searcher.  

I asked a lot of this blog.  And of myself.  I knew I wasn't good at sticking with things like this, thanks to my barely controlled ADHD (and, just, easily exhausted inspiration).  But I wanted to give it a try.  Frankly, the fact that I still know how to FIND my own blog is progress, for me ;-)  

Anyway.  I have reached a point in my infertile journey that I am just not as comfortable sharing as I thought I would be.  I'm just not anonymous or safe enough here.  And as this issue is pretty central to my identity at the moment, I haven't felt like I can share much of who I am.  Above ALL, I want my blog to be authentic and honest - and authentic and honest is not pretty right now.  I am discouraged, tired, heartbroken, and increasingly bitter. 

I have friends who are complainers.  They complain about something or another on facebook multiple times a day.  And it irritates me.  I don't want to be irritating by complaining here!  I feel guilty enough about all of the emotional support I have asked of my husband and closest friends lately.  I feel selfish - I recently went, like, 2 weeks without talking to one of my best friends, because I am so wrapped up in our own drama. 

Of course, our life is by no means bad or miserable - there are definite ups, but many of those are also rather personal.  Sharing only the ups would show a very skewed picture of myself, and that does not feel honest.  

I don't want this to be a negative place, but I do want to get in the habit of posting more consistently.  So please forgive me if this blog temporarily becomes a little bit... impersonal.  I will try to post updates about the shop (ooh!  And one exciting development that I think I've forgotten to share here!), maybe a recipe here and there.  But I am removing the self-imposed pressure to be open about my health and feelings.  I just can't, right now.  I know I've been completely absent for quite a while, so I thought y'all deserved a bit of an explanation.  Thanks for sticking around, and for reading what just might be my most rambling post ever :-)



  1. Hey Girl, you do whatever it takes to make you happy. Life's to short to sweat the small stuff! Love ya

  2. I thoughtt this was such a beautiful post. I struggle with this alot too! There defintely is a balance... I am working on finding that myself! :) I look forward to reading more posts in the future!

    1. Thanks :-) Balance has always been an issue for me... in almost everything. Figuratively AND literally, actually... I'm a feet-tripper-over. ;-)


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