Always, Katie: The Big Move

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Big Move

Okay, so the details behind that crazy, last-minute surprise move:  

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that my husband is a high school teacher... and maybe mentioned that he is pursuing an Ed.D.  He has reached the stage in his doctorate where he has finished all of the coursework and passed the comprehensive exam, and "only" has the dissertation left to complete.  So, knowing that he is about a year from completing the degree, he began scoping out the higher education employment scene, just so he'd know what he'd be getting into in the next year or so.  

To his (and my) amazement, he found a position for which he was wonderfully qualified!  It's at Anderson University, in South Carolina.  Anderson is a private Christian school, looking to expand their education program, and they had a rare, mid-year job opening in their secondary education department. 

It would be really tough to describe all of the things that let us know just how God had his hands all over this situation.  We learned of the opening sometime in early-mid November, flew out to interview on Black Friday, accepted the job a few weeks later, moved most of our stuff over his Christmas break from school (one big Penske load, and we towed my car behind us.  AWESOME!), flew home, he taught the last few days of the high school semester (til a Friday), piled a few stray essentials in his car, drove down that Saturday, and he was in college faculty meetings on Monday.  

With barely enough time to catch our breath, he went from this: 

to this:

I am so proud of my professor!  And so glad that he found a job with encouraging, Christian colleagues and mentors and students who WANT to be there... in a beautiful, thriving Southern town.  And so proud of US for taking the leap of faith and being open to God's direction - even when it was really, really scary! We are so excited about our "new life" together!



  1. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Anderson is only a couple of hours from me! In fact, that's where my brother and his wife live! Now, perhaps, we can meet someday!

    1. YES! D-meetup sounds fabulous! How do your brother and sis-in-law like it here? We're pretty in love so far...

  2. Wow! Congrats, Ethan! That is huge--excited for your new beginnings!

    1. He said to thank you, Maren :-) We are too! (Not to mention, all the new blog fodder that comes with moving, lol)


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