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Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's the Little Things... in the midst of some big things

Between my Clomid and the extra estrogen I'm on, I have been having a hard time keeping a brave face.  I have been sick, throwing up or getting pretty close to it... not sleeping, or having nightmares when I do sleep.  I had another rough doctor's appointment this morning, too... found out that we may not even know the extend of my infertility problems, and am looking at the possibility of surgery in another couple of months if I'm still not pregnant.  So, this week's "Little Things" link-up was too timely to pass up!  

I made these yummy cookies the other day... I got the recipe from the lovely ladies at Our Best Bites, and had to make them the same evening.  I also got to take them to my in-laws' house for a bit of a pitch-in dinner, which is another smiley thing :-) They are so easy, and cute... and don't require any rolling or flour-sprinkling.  Which always results in a huge mess on every surface of our home!  I used orange candy melts from Wilton, melted them in my little melter pot, and dipped the bottom of the cookies in.  Added jussssst a tiny bit of something extra, so the plain sugar cookies were less plain. :-)

Our brand new iPhone 4S phones came this week!  Wheeeee!!  These puppies are quick and powerful.  I thought the 3GS was amazing... this model makes it look like a rotary phone!!!!

I've been really into wide, stretchy belts lately.  They've updated a couple of my sweaters, and give me an instant hourglass!  Makes me feel a little prettier on days when the hormones make me feel like an ogre.

Speaking of ogres... watch out.  This next photo is me with almost no makeup and no glasses, bedhead, and a tear-stained face and tear-swollen eyes.

Ethan took this picture of Charley letting me hold him and cuddle like a baby, as I recovered after my appointment today.  Aren't I a lucky girl? :-) These are just a few o the little things that have made me smile through tears this week... how 'bout you?


PS: Linking up to my cousin, Lindsay! 

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  1. Those cookies look amazing!

    I'm sorry for your bad luck recently. I'm praying that all of these struggles you are having now result in the most awesome end result. It will happen. I know.

  2. Thanks, sweet Beth <3 Did you get that envelope from me, btw?

  3. I hate to hear about your rough time. Hang in there and keep your faith! I had a friend who went through several rounds and surgery a few times but eventually she was blessed with a baby girl. I know it is rough. I will be thinking about you!

  4. Hey, I've missed your blog posts! Hope you're doing okay! Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you today!

  5. Hey Maren :-)
    Thanks for noticing my absence! That means a lot - it really, really, really does!!! I'd been feeling pretty discouraged... then busy... then recovering from surgery... then busy again. You know life :-\ I've been trying to get up the motivation to jump back in to blogging, so thanks for the nudge :-) Hopefully, I'll have some new stuff up in the next few days...

  6. Just came back and saw you'd responded! I'm sorry you've been feeling discouraged! Sounds like life's been crazy for you lately. I know the personal feeling of needing motivation to get back to blogging...I'm in a lull right now myself. Sigh. Looking forward to reading more. I always see fun earrings/jewelry on blogland and think of you, like these:!


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