Always, Katie: Spring Break Bliss!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Break Bliss!

I just wanted to post a few pictures of our Spring Break trip to West Virginia.  My dad's parents (and lots of his family) live there, and we spent a few days at the beginning of the week just relaxing at their house in the mountains.  We, by no means, live in a bustling metropolis, but I took a bunch of pretty pictures of small town America on the way. My Grandma and Grandpa drove us through the town they live in/near (West Union) and showed us a bunch of history--both town history and personal family history.  I was too busy soaking it all in to take pictures, but trust me: it is beautiful :-)

Toesies!  (Life's so sweet right here in the passenger seat! ~SheDaisy)

Isn't it CUTE?!

This is the bridge that crosses into WV.  Growing up, we called it "Grandma's Bridge," because it meant we were getting close!  Learned this week, Dad and his siblings called it the same thing when his parents took them to see their WV family when they lived in OH.

Woo!  Sign on Grandma's Bridge!

West Union!  Allllllmost therrrrrre... :-)

Charley got Benadryl to knock him out and prevent his usual carsickness before we traveled home.  Here, he's already feeling the effects and letting Grandma get some lovin' in!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures--we sure enjoyed the trip! (And then, hurried home to deal with a doctor, mechanic, and two plumbers!)  Jewelry stuff coming soon; I got a really cool new wire-working tool and have made some nifty little pieces... 


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