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Friday, February 7, 2014

On the Calendar...

We had a FANTASTIC visit with our RE yesterday!  We reviewed our game plan - which hadn't changed, thankfully - and then got to sit down with the IVF nurse coordinator and talk scheduling.

So here's one of those weird things I can't believe I put in black and white (or maybe a purplish-navy blue and white?) for the whole world to read... as a fun little feature of my PCOS, my period is late... again.  But whenever it finally shows up next, our IVF clock starts!!!  On CD3 (cycle day 3, or 3 days from start of period), I will start taking birth control pills to let the IVF staff "take complete control" (their words) of my cycle :-)  I am fairly sure I ovulated about a week and a half or two weeks ago, so any day now...

I'll stay on those pills for a few weeks while we line up the three doctors we'll need in attendance, get my meds ordered, and attend a class.  The class, I believe, is going to mostly consist of filling in official dates, financial paperwork, and learning to give injections.  I THINK the majority of the shots are subcutaneous, which is the same way I used to give my insulin, in my pre-pump days (and still do when my pump is acting up), so I'm fairly confident that we'll pass that part of the class. ;-)  If there are any intramuscular shots, I will be a bit nervous, but I'm glad that at least one typically scary part of the process is already fairly familiar to us! 

In related news, I am really excited about how our silent auction fundraiser is coming along!  I have some dates to share: 

And I am going to have some really exciting items to auction off!  To hint at a few... an afghan crocheted by a friend's mom; a printable or pretty decor item from a sweet bloggy friend of mine (and former student of Ethan's); items from the ever-amazing Rebecca (I'm assuming something from her darling etsy shop, gorgeous, shabby-chic paper crafts), and a few other "something"s from some other very talented friends!  This is going to be awesome!  But please keep sharing this info with your crafty, generous friends... this cycle is coming up quickly!  And as always... thank you for the encouragement and support.  We feel blessed and loved :-)
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