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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Funding IVF: Silent Auction: Seeking Donations

Thank you all so much for the love and support you've all shown Ethan and me these past few days.  We are almost 5% of the way to our goal, in just 2 days... and at least as importantly, we have received sweet messages of encouragement from so many of you.  We are overwhelmed and so touched by the support!

In my last blog post, I mentioned planning an online silent auction.  I will be hosting it on Always, Katie's facebook page, hopefully the last week of February.  

Where I need your help (besides bidding on items in a few weeks!) is with the items I will be auctioning off.  I am asking for donations, especially of handmade items... this is a great opportunity for small business owners/craftsmen, as I will be talking the items up on this blog and on Facebook, as well as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest... and you will of course be more than welcome to send business cards or literature along with your donation. 

Some examples of categories I'd love to see represented in this auction would be:
  • Knitted/crocheted items 
  • Baked goods
  • Paper art
  • Printables
  • Bath and Body/Spa Products
  • Paintings/etc
  • Photographs/prints
  • Direct Sales Items
  • Gift Cards
... just to give y'all some ideas.

If you know anyone who may be interested in donating and helping us out with this, please, please share a link to this blog post!  Pin it, Facebook it, tweet it... we will be ETERNALLY grateful!  I am excited about this as a way to both make some money for our IVF cycle, and to get to know and support some other small business owners and artisans :-) (And here is an update with important dates for donors to know!)
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  1. Katie I am so excited for you. I am gearing up to start IVF after years of thinking it was impossible. God has provided in an extravagant way and we are so thankful. I don't know much about how auctions work. I am a photographer in NYC and I would be happy to offer a photo sessions with prints to someone in the area.


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