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Monday, July 1, 2013

July Pinspired: The White Skirt

Yay!  Happy 1st of July!  I LOVE July - it's our anniversary month, and that's at least as exciting as my birth month.  Probably moreso, because there was some choice involved.  :-)  Annnndd... the first of the month means another Pinspired linkup party with Shay, Sheaffer and Mel!  This is where we show off outfits we put together using outfits we've pinned on Pinterest as our inspiration... it's a lot of fun - if you blog, you should totally play along next month!  

As I was digging through the spring clothes that I still have in a ginormous tub from moving, I discovered the cutest little white skirt that I COMPLETELY forgot I had - even though I'd apparently worn it at least once, since the tags were gone.  That's what I get for not rotating my clothes, but this whole apartment thing is transitional, soooo... no guilt.

Anyway, since I was pretty thrilled about my "brand new" skirt, I decided to do some hardcore Pinteresting for cute ideas of how to wear it.  I found three (THREE!) adorable outfits that I LOVED and already had all of the pieces to do a pretty good version of each of them.

My absolute favorite was this one with the dark blue print top and the white skirt.

Somehow, the bold print and color seemed unexpected and awesome with the stark white skirt, and I really liked that she wore a coordinating pair of bold-colored shoes with it.  I wimped out a little bit and went with brown sandals instead... but I still loved this outfit when I wore it to our cousin's high school graduation party.

  • Dark Blue Print shirt: I have no idea anymore.  But it's pretty sheer, so I wore a cream-colored cami under it. (Because I forgot to pack my white one, and couldn't find my navy one.  Have I mentioned that my clothing situation is a little disorganized?)
  • Cami: JC Penney (I love these camis... they're Worthington brand and come in a ton of colors.  Currently, it looks like the color selection is pretty limited, but the colors seem to come and go seasonally - check out the photos attached to this listing!  They're super-soft and they have pretty lace that is high enough to be reasonably modest, and NO shelf.  Which is important for a busty girl!)
  • White Skirt: JC Penney (also Worthington)
  • Brown Sandals: Maripé 
  • Necklace and Earrings: Always, Katie
  • Puppy: One of a kind.  
The next outfit I found is this one: 

I have the perfect shirt for this, one of my absolute favorite shirts!  I don't have a skinny brown belt, but I do love my wide stretchy belt... especially for the hourglass effect :-)  I wore this out to supper with some of our best friends :-)  It was the day after some big storms came through Southwest Ohio (where my in-laws live and we were spending some lovely time)... so it was crazy-windy out!!  See?

  • White Skirt: Same as first set!
  • Pink Button-Down: JC Penney.  I swear, I don't get ALL my clothes there.  
  • Belt: Kohls, a couple years ago. 
  • Brown Sandals: Same as first set.
  • Pearl Necklace and Earrings: Valentine's Day gift from Ethan <3
And here is my last inspiraton outfit: 

Unfortunately, I ran out of good excuses to wear a short, tight white skirt during June, so I didn't actually get to wear my version of this outfit.  Here's my planning photo, though:

I have two summery scarves, one of which I thought would be really neat with the white-on-white look.  I did end up wearing it with a white shirt and jeans a couple of times this month, and I'm not entirely sure I would have without seeing the above pin.  I really do love these scarves, but I almost never wear them, mostly because I a) forget about them b) have a hard time wrapping my mind around the "a summer-weight scarf is a chunky necklace" rule.  Getting these two into the rotation is one of my summer fashion goals... so that maybe I can justify another one or two in the near future.  ;-)



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! SO perfect!!
    :) You are so cute! My favorite is outfit number one!! LOVE the dark with the white bottom!! SO pretty!
    :) Rebecca

  2. Such adorable ways to wear your white skirt! Great job!

  3. Really cute and smart to use Pinterest for inspiration. I really like outfit #2.

  4. Super cute!!! I love the 2nd one the most! It looks so put together!!!

  5. 3 outfits!!!! All with 1 skirt! WOW!!! Great job girl. Thanks for linking up!
    Sheaffer :)

  6. Love all of these outfits!!! I love how you paired them with a few optional tops!! Perfection!


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