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Friday, June 28, 2013

Confessional Friday: Pet Peeves

I just found a cool new link-up that I'm going to participte it, at least until the end of the summer.  One of the reasons I love "Coffee and Conversation" is for the serious, deep, probing questions... this link-up is not like that!  The questions are intentionally kind of silly, light and fluffy... perfect for a fun little Friday post :-)  

I couldn't find a button for this specific link-up, but this goes to her homepage, so this'll do :-)  This week's prompt is...

Biggest pet peeves (come on, spill 'em!)

This is going to make me sound like a wholly unpleasant person, but I have SO many peeves!  It’s hard to pick a “pet.”  Among the contenders, in no particular order (since it varies moment-to-moment):
  • Lazy grammar. Grammatical mistakes don’t bother me, but you have to at least TRY, y’all! Sometimes English is complicated, but some rules are pretty easy. Seriously. “Me and her” is never correct. “I” is not the formal “me.” Neither is “myself.” There are specific times to use each of them.  

  • It is spelled D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y. de-FINITE-ly. Learn the word “finite” (it’s a good one!) and add “de” and “ly.” Also, “defiantly” IS a word (which is why autocorrect allows it), but it means something altogether different.  

Actual print you can buy.  Seriously considering it...
  • People who take their kids for granted. Don’t whine about them in front of me, because I would gladly take them off your hands. And I know it’s not all sunshine and unicorn poop, so the occasional vent or cry for encouragement is understandable… but “ugh, my kids are putting a crimp in my nightlife” will make me want to throw Petri dishes and negative HPTs at you, as will daily gripes about very normal things...  
  • Dogs not being allowed everywhere kids are allowed. (Just kidding.) (Sorta.) (Okay, not really kidding.)  
  • “You have diabetes? (My great-aunt died of that.”) (Try losing weight.”)
    (PUT DOWN THAT COOKIE!!”) (My cat is diabetic, too!”)

    Thanks to Type 1 Diabetes Memes
  • Hypocrisy.
  • Waiting. I don’t know if this counts as a peeve, but I hate it ;-)

  • People who smoke where I have no choice but to walk through it. If I wanted to inhale that garbage, I’d get my own cancer sticks.
  • Non-educators writing education policy.
  • Crappy 4G… or worse, E. But then, that might be related to the waiting thing. 
    Have a wonderful, peeve-free weekend!


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    1. i have too many pet peeves! and agree with you on so many of these!


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